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background music for business

Here are the main reasons to use MoodMixes for your background music:

  • Cheaper: for the past decade we have recruited the best musicians we could find in every field of music we work in. We have always worked directly with musicians and songwriters, and never with record labels. For this reason, you do not pay any collecting society fees to play our music in your place of business. And, you avoid the problem of sounding just like every other business.

  • Simpler: you can download our music just as if you had bought it on iTunes. Put it on your iPod or other mp3 music playing device.

  • Better: study after study has found that people spend more time and more money when good music is played. However, picking great (and appropriate) music is as hard as cooking fantastic food. All the top chain restaurants and stores hire music consultants to help them out. That is very expensive. At MoodMixes, we've been doing background music for a decade and will work with you at no extra cost to design the appropriate music for your goals.

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