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background music for business
Background music for your business

We provide music for your restaurant, store, hotel or office. Our price for most businesses is C$220 per month. You won't need to pay collecting society fees if you play our music. Our music can be streamed or downloaded to your iPod or iTunes.

How it works

  • C$220/month typical price
  • No fees to collecting societies
  • 10 genres of music
  • MP3 files you can download or stream
  • iPod and iTunes compatible
  • No contract, cancel at any time
  • No startup fees and no equipment to buy
  • Choose between premade shows or entire albums

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    Our Guarantee

    When you sign up with us, we provide you with a document certifying your legal right to play our music without paying any fees to any other organization, and with no other permissions required. We also certify that our music is 100% legal.

    We take this seriously: our contract indemnifies you of any liability (i.e.: we're legally responsible). Our guarantee further states that we will negotiate with your collecting society directly if there is ever a dispute. And, we are responsible in the case of a judgement!

    However, we doubt that there will be any dispute, as we have been in business since 2003 and have licensed our music to over 3000 companies without ever having a problem. Of course, there have been inquiries from collecting societies, to prove we have the right to do what we do, and they always been satisfied once we showed them signed contracts from our musicians.

    Where our music comes from

    MoodMixes is owned and operated by Magnatune.com. We also run iLicenseMusic.com a high end royalty free music service.

    All our music comes directly from musicians who have signed contracts with us. We do not work with record labels or licensing organizations. We do not have any "cover songs". There are no messy legal rights issues.

    Customized Pricing

    If you need something special, we're happy to speak with you and come up with a package and price which suits your needs.

    What is a "Public Performance"?

    If you play music in a restaurant, office, store, hotel, bar, spa, hairdresser, supermarket, parking garage, art gallery, or coffee shop, that is a public performance. Generally, if music being played isn't just for you or your family, then it is a public performance.

    By law, you must pay for the "public performance" right.

    You can either pay your local collecting society (SOCAN) or pay us.

    You'll save money by paying us.

    Even better, the quality of the music is likely to be higher than what you're playing now, and your environment will benefit from the improved musical mood.


    You can read our agreement before signing up. Our terms of use and mobile app privacy policy are also available.

    Fair Trade Music

    50% of your payment goes directly to the musicians you play. You help support musician's lives and careers.

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    - John Buckman, CEO and Founder.

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